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There are a lot of samples in this section. I have divided these designs into different categories and have displayed them below. Just click on the category. The thought in this section is to give you an idea of the types of things that we have done. It runs the gamut from mouse drawings and logos to full spread layouts and annual reports. A New Section below shows design samples from 2005 to 2008. Taylor Creative was contracted to do all of the graphic design for the Oval through that particular Olympic Cycle.

Another of the high profile clients we tackled involved season ticket designs for three NFL (National Football League) teams for the 2002-2003 season. Almost 2 million ticket holders in three US cities (St. Louis, New Orleans and Kansas City) were exposed to those designs. There are many other interesting visuals on this site, however, so please feel free to browse!

One of the services we can provide is printing. The job of Jeff Baron from our team is to seek out the best pricing for your print jobs. Jeff has worked within the print industry for many years and knows exactly what kind of printer can do the best job for our clients. He shops the job around until the best pricing emerges, then oversees all aspects of the work. Certain types of printers are better at certain types of jobs and we can offer our experience to make your project look topnotch.

Whenever a company undertakes a design job, the important thing is to ensure that the look of the item fits the client's objectives. These particular items on display are more on the visual side and some clients may not require that. We understand that something straight forward and to the point works better for most business and government clients, and our intention is to provide a piece of work that hits your target. A good designer will tailor the piece to suit the client's targets and we consider our design work to be second to none.


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