Welcome to the Directors Chair website. We are currently in the process of putting together a sampling of work for you to see, so please bear with us!
The world of video production has undergone a lot of changes in the span of time that we have been in business. From the old days, when we had huge tape machines and reels we had so spin through in order to find your edit points, to a
world where all jobs have become digital and fine tuning your project is almost instantaneous, it's been a real head-turner. Even the term video production is undergoing an evolution as DVD's are rapidly becoming the presentation device of choice. One other thing we'll also mention here. As the internet continues to re-invent itself and technologies are born to keep up, the world of wireless movies and on-line video continues to evolve into another medium of endless possibility. From an equipment standpoint, even the new cameras are smaller, lighter and can operate in ridiculously low light, meaning the pictures they provide are better quality.

In any event, we're at the leading edge of what's going on and really look forward to the next decade and all of the exciting projects we'll be able to tackle on our clients' behalf. Throughout the never-ending learning curve we've purposely kept our pricing consistent and we hope you continue to give us a call when you need something done. Stay tuned. With all the new bells and whistles we've implemented, plus the new ones we don't even know about yet, you ain't seen nothin' yet!


On-Location Shooting including:
Educational and Special Events
Sporting and Cultural Events

In-Studio Services including:
Fine close-up camera-work (products, etc.)
Digitization of family photos, film and video
Compression of video for the Web
Sound mixing and musical accompaniment

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The Personal Touch

One thing the Director's Chair has always taken pride in is the approach we've taken with our clients. The personal touch is important to us, as each project is a reflection of our clients' varied personalities. The better we know our clients, the better it comes across to your viewers. That's why we like to be hands-on and collaboration is very important.