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A Little bit about Ron Taylor:

Employment History

I spent twelve years as Communications Coordinator with Sask Sport/Saskatchewan Lotteries
This is an organization which, when I was there, grew its revenues per year, from $5 million to $100 million through lottery sales. It remains a non-profit corporation which conducts business at arms length from the provincial government. It also stands as the hub of Sport, Culture and Recreation development in the province.

Two years as Communications Manager with the Petroleum Services Association of Canada
This is a trade association for 250 oilfield service, supply and manufacturing companies, which are located primarily in Alberta, but also in other regions throughout Canada.

Duties in both jobs involved:
- coordination of all internal and external communications functions of the corporation.
- media liaison and spokesperson.
- production of all media.
- event planning.
- budget and strategic planning.
- liaison with the member associations and companies

I am also now in my 18th year as owner of Taylor Creative in Calgary and at Pigeon Lake, located just south of Edmonton.
- graphic design, writing and fine art
- communications consultant and project manager
- high quality, competent team, hands-on approach

Personal Info

My upbringing was in Saskatchewan and I went to Elementary School (Rosemont) and High School (Luther College) in Regina. I then took my university in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan. A one year stint as a teacher in Manitoba ended when I decided to move back to Saskatchewan and pursue a career in sports administration.

That resulted in a twelve year career with Sask Sport Inc., first as Program Coordinator, then Communications Coordinator. It was at this time where I was given projects which would allow me to begin learning some of the communications skills I currently use in Taylor Creative today.

I moved to Calgary in 1992 and resurrected Taylor Creative here in town. Building contacts took time, however and I ended up taking a job with the Petroleum Services Association of Canada for 2 years before going back to Taylor Creative full time. Since then I have taken on a myriad of projects and have built up a client list which is second to none.

Family Life

I have been married for 12 years and have the pleasure of keeping one furry child who will never grow up. We have a house in central Calgary (Park Hill) 10 minutes from downtown, as well as a property at Pigeon Lake, Alberta, where I also operate an office.


Sports have always been a big interest and I am an avid follower. I am also a nationally certified coach in two sports and have coached provincial championship teams in both (soccer and football).

I have traveled to over 30 countries and have seen both the penthouse and the basement in regard to my travelling style. Experiencing other cultures gives a person a balanced perspective on life, I think.

I am a news junkie and like to look at all sides of a news story before passing judgement. (One learns that when travelling during the cold war!). I also know my way around a kitchen and am not adverse to experimenting on friends and family, sometimes with spectacular results either way.

I consider myself to be a personable sort, sometimes quiet, sometimes not and I like to think that I give everyone a fair shake both personally and business-wise.

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3622 3rd Street SW, Calgary Alberta T2S1V5 (403) 243-9367 or RR1 Site 4 Box 10, Westerose, Alberta T0C2V0 (780) 586-2744