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Ron Taylor is the principal writer on all projects. These projects include:

Feature articles in magazines
Script writing for video production
Speech writing for live presentations
Sell messages for advertising

Writing is essentially the art of painting a picture with words. Unlike art, though, which is open to interpretation, words have to be crafted in such a way that people can understand the message. Each written piece is created for specific purposes. Some are informational, some are persuasive. Some create strong emotions and some are scene-setters. My approach is to take a concept and write to my audience. Make sure the facts are correct and use them as building blocks upon which to tell a story.

Readers need to engage themselves into something they read, or they will get bored. That's my job... to keep their interest and subsequently to create a call-to-action. My philosophy is to write how I would like to be spoken to.


cell (403) 863-6263

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TRAVEL WRITING SAMPLES (Opulence Magazine and Calgary Living)ng)

"The Heart of Argentina"

"Russian Star of the North... St. Petersburg"

"Luxury Travel Escapes"

"A Change is as Good as a Rest"

"New Zealand...Diamond Down Under"

"Club Med"

"Barge Cruising"

"Beverly Hills: California's Unique and Chic City"

"Luxury Personified - Europe"




Asia Golf

Luxury Small Ship Cruises

Fun Across the Pond Travel Article

Travel - The Perfect Tonic



"Competence Prized" - Article for Oilweek Magazine

Petroleum Safety Council Video - Script - Hand Signals safety video for the oilfield trucking industry

Black Gold - Script - 12 minute video - " the development of oil in Canada"

Rueben Mayes Athlete Profile - Athlete profile for Player Magazine