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What is Taylor Creative?
Taylor Creative is a company owned and operated by Ron Taylor. It has been in existence since 1991, first in Saskatchewan, then in Calgary and later on, also at Pigeon Lake, just south of Edmonton. Ron is the creative source within the company and the hands-on manager with every project. All jobs relating to design work, writing and consulting are primarily handled by him. On projects relating to event management and specific media production, a team of specialized professionals is utilized. In essence Ron is the creative director and manager of a full service communications group.

What Does Taylor Creative Do?
Design Layouts and Create Graphic Images
Writing (publication and scripts)
Create original pieces of art

Taylor Creative also provides services in:

Production of Video - (note You Tube samples)
Plan & Management of Special Events
Event Photography

Because of the diversity of the projects we can take on, we feel that our advice in relation to production mediums, costs structures and timelines is second to none. We have done all of these ourselves and know the best pricing options.

Business Approach
We begin with one on one contact with the client and determine, in a few words, the desired outcome of the project. From here specific goals and objectives are itemized.

At this point we can then estimate the project costs and start formulating a budget. No work begins until we have a good estimate. Costs are based on materials and timeline parameters worked out with the client before the project begins.

Throughout the process, the client deals with one person and perhaps an assistant if necessary. This keeps communications consistent. We believe that constant evaluation throughout the process along with consistent dialogue with the client, results in good things happening.

Our philosophy is that if you give people a successfully completed project and value for their money they will trust in your abilities and pass the word on to others. That is why over 90% of the business we generate is through referrals.

The Team
This team is a group of individuals, each of whom owns and operates their own businesses and are proficient at their own area of expertise. Each brings a skill set that complements each other and over the course of many years has been a group which has pulled together various diverse projects.

Just click here to read the bios of each team member.

Client List
Over the years we have established some great relationships with a diverse group of clients. The list here indicates the range of clientele we have worked. It also hints at the ability we have to take on projects from clients we didn't previously know that much about. We are very adaptable to our client needs and we take as much time as is needed to fully understand what our clients do.

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Strategic Partnerships
There are a number of strategic partnerships which we have developed over the years in Alberta. In relation to Event Planning, we have experience and good relationships with a number of downtown hotels including the Westin, the Sheraton Eau Clair and the Hyatt, which are the three largest downtown facilities. We have also done events at the Village Creek Inn, a marvelous facility at Pigeon Lake. We also have had good experiences with the Convention Centre and the Calgary Stampede facilities. Each have their attributes and depending upon budget and atmosphere, we can recommend the most appropriate.

Travel - In the area of Travel we have many connections, particularly with our main tarvel client, Incredible Journeys Travel Inc. This relationship has been in place for over 15 years. Because of that, we think that we can provide very useful advice and service in relation to getting your people to where they need to go.

Novelties and Memorabilia - Our network of partnerships also extends to production of event related materials, whether they be novelties, pins, t-shirts, portfolio cases, pens or any other classy or inexpensive item. The company list we deal with is an extensive one and quality for price is paramount.

Final Thoughts
Our clientele over the years has been quite varied and as mentioned above, we get most of our business through referrals. We have fostered relationships that have lasted for years and our opinion is that if you give people a successfully completed project and value for their money they will trust in your abilities and tell their friends about it.

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