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The management of events is a complicated set of tasks that revolve around the goal of creating a successful production. At varying times, it involves dealing with changing circumstances and strong personalities while maintaining a cool professional composure. Clients expect the best, no matter what the circumstances. The keys are to be prepared for anything and make decisions quickly.

We have extensive experience in organizing both professional and social types of events. In order to do so, we have developed a team of professionals, each of which bring special skills to the table. As a group, we have taken on a number of projects and consider our strength to be the familiarity we have cultivated with each other. "Battle ready" is an odd term, but we are just that.

Taylor Creative has also cultivated relationships with suppliers over many years and it’s these working relationships that provide solid support for organization. We feel that we are very good at working with people and have no problem kicking a butt or stroking an ego in order to get a job done.

Best Practices
If you are interested in utilizing our services, we can provide a "Best Practices" guide, which indicates our philosophy on event management as well as a step by step check list used before the detailed planning of your event actually starts.

Some Event Management Project Samples

Calgary Booster Club Sportsman of the Year Dinner

PSAC Oilfield Services Investment Symposium

Western Canada Genito-Urinary Radiation Oncology Forum

2000 Saskatchewan Roughrider Hospitality

Saskatchewan Roughrider Tailgates

Canadian Olympic Congress and Athletes Brunch

Salt Lake City Olympics - Canadian Staging Team


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In addition to these above listed Calgary projects, Ron was employed by Sask Sport in Regina for a number of years before moving to Calgary. While there, he acted as event manager (7 years) for the Sask Sport Fall Sports Syposium . This 2-day conference/think tank brought together 200 people from around the province. Ron's involvement as manager involved developing all of the content, selecting and booking speakers, working with facilities, organizing the trade show, creating the printed materials and working with the AV. The responsibility also involved overseeing selection of recipients for Volunteer Recognition Awards and producing the actual awards show, itself.