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The Oilfield Services Investment Symposium is an annual event that is held by the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC). The intent is to bring the institutional investment community together to hear presentations by over 30 oilfield service companies. The desired result is increased investment in these companies. The event is held proximal to the date of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer’s (CAPP) symposium.

The intent is to attract as many of the institutional investment community as possible so that the presenting companies have opportunity to display their investment potential. A fee is charged to attend and to present. Delegates (from around the world) are then housed in hotels and fed. Screening of delegates to ensure their position as investors was required. The conference lasted two full days. Approximately 150 investors attended with another 150 representatives from the presenting companies themselves.

Organize the entire event. This meant facility management, securing of presenting companies, attraction and screening of investor-delegates, schedule of presentation, audio visual support, banquet, special reception management and financial control. This job also involved arranging hotel accommodation for the investor-delegates and close liaison with the hotel on all matters.

Over 30 companies presented their stories, which was consistent with recent years. Given the downturn in the oil industry (and oil prices) at the time, this was considered a great turnout. The delegate list was also a good one. The two day event itself ran very smoothly with no glitches in AV and good opportunities for companies to succeed. From a financial perspective the event turned a profit of over $100,000. This was twice as much as any previous Investment Symposium and was deemed a great success. The delegate evaluations also reflected an opinion of success.

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