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Media covers the range from broadcast and print news to advertising. Providing information to broadcast and print media simply requires common sense. Be prepared. Have your facts straight and don’t be afraid of the tough question. If the issue is important, the questions will occur.

Similarly, sitting down and formulating an advertising plan also requires logic in your planning. Traditional advertising is very fragmented and organizations have had to be more creative in getting recognized. Dollar allocation is key and repetition in various media can dovetail your message to where it should go. People's memories are short, so you have to hit them hard in a concentrated period of time.

Taylor Creative utilizes experience from both sides - as media buyers and also as those experienced within media. We can suggest ways to get out your message that may not cost as much as traditional advertising (but might require people power to achieve the end result). Each situation is unique and sometimes it is a matter of jumping into an opportunity. Our job is to recognize the opportunities.

One final point is that we feel we can work our way around any formal advertising plan with the required negotiation and timetables.


In the fall of 2004, Taylor Creative was involved with a "Lobby Day" in Ottawa, which was intended to profile the propane gas industry to government decision makers. Ron Taylor was heavily involved in crafting the message and actually led one of the teams through their meetings with members of Parliament and other government department and senatorial representatives.

News Media

In regard to Ron Taylor's experience with media, on three different employment occasions he acted as the media source. The first was for Sask Sport/ Sask Lotteries, the second was for the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, while the third was for the Propane Gas Association of Canada. On each occasion he would prepare news releases and set up news conferences. With Sask Sport he hosted over 120 news conferences.

Ron has been interviewed on TV and radio and in the print media on many occasions and knows how to speak to a microphone or camera. He is a master at either going into a controlled explanation or getting to the point for sound bytes.

On the other side of the news fence, Ron was an accredited print journalist at the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary and wrote articles for Saskatchewan Report Magazine. For the Seoul Olympics, he was unaccredited, but did live reports every day back to a radio station.

Ron knows many of the news media in Calgary and has a good rapport with them. The strength he brings to this side of Media is the knowledge of what constitutes a news story. Many times a release or news conference gets lost simply because the item being covered is not newsworthy. Ron and his team can make that distinction and can recommend preferred pathways.


Taylor Creative has planned ad campaigns and our group has worked from time to time with other ad agencies on various projects, so we know how the ad game works from both sides.

On one particular project Ron Taylor produced 50 sports themed television commercials over three years (which tied lottery dollars into sports participation). Ron also did the ad buy, negotiating the deals with the all of the participating TV stations.

In Calgary we have done a lot of work with EscapeCalgary.com and Creative Travel Adventures in developing advertising mediums. These include radio and print ads.

We have done a number of contracts with various media outlets and are very comfortable sitting at a boardroom table working the deal.

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