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The event is conducted by the Calgary Booster Club, an organization of business people who contribute to amateur sport. The dinner itself has been held for 53 years and honours one volunteer each year for their lifelong efforts to pursue sports development in Calgary. A number of volunteer awards are given out and Calgary’s Male and Female Athletes of the Year are also recognized. The dinner is attended by approximately 800 people.

The Calgary Booster Club sells tickets to the event and secures sponsorships. They also select the various award recipients. It is held in a high end facility and is a dress-up affair designed to raise money for scholarships and amateur sport.

Develop the program and produce the entire show. This means taking the elements that have been determined by the Club (award winners, guest speakers, etc) and make an evening’s entertainment out of it. Specifically it means pacing the schedule to maximize the highlights and build to an emotional peak.

The duties entailed determining Booster Club dinner goals, developing a working relationship with hotel staff in regard to technical and dinner logistics, producing a number of video inserts, writing the script, coaching the master of ceremonies, developing and rehearsing a comprehensive minute by minute 30-page duty sheet for the evening, supervision of audio visual and finally acting as on-floor producer for the night.

We have been asked to produce the show for the past eight years. In that time we have faced a number of hurdles and challenges. A thorough evaluation is completed each year with recommendations distributed to the board. The fact that we have been asked back each year to produce the show is testiment to the quality of the work and the results achieved. The past two years, for example, the 4 hour dinner program was completed ahead of time, before 10pm.

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