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2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Staging Team
The task here involved the gathering of Canada’s Olympic athletes together in Calgary. The job was to brief and clothe them before transporting the group en mass to Salt Lake City and the Olympic Games.

Staging is a very regimented procedure which involves getting the athletes to Calgary, scheduling their time in relation to being measured for Canadian team uniforms and briefing, then getting them on the plane to Salt Lake City, where another team would take over from there. This function was asked of Ron Taylor, personally, as a volunteer endeavour (as are all Mission team appointments).

The job in this case was as Transportation Liaison. A schedule of arrivals was determined by the athletes, officials and travel wing of the Canadian Olympic Committee and from this list, a schedule of pick up and delivery as well as ground activities were developed. People would be arriving at all hours of the day for over a week so it was required to have drivers on standby to do the runs. The job here was to recruit drivers and schedule them as well as maintain the vehicle inventory. Each day very few or very many people would need to be picked up from the airport and transported within the city to the staging area as well as the hotel and in some case, training facilities.

The final task of the process involved gathering all athletes from their hotels or staging facility, along with their equipment, luggage and team uniform materials and getting them first to a huge civic send-off at Olympic Plaza in Calgary before boarding them on buses and getting them to the airport for international check-in. From that point the travel liaison took aver at the counter.

During the week, the movement of people went very smoothly. On departure day it was determined that due to the bulk of the luggage, the buses were not big enough. With a deadline 30 minutes away for the civic reception, the task then became to get people, as well as previously unbooked extras buses pulled together in order to move athletes and their gear – all before the start of the reception. It was accomplished and we got them to Olympic Plaza, the airport and ultimately to a very successful Olympic Games.

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