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Canadian Olympic Congress
The Canadian Olympic Congress is an annual event that takes place in a different location in Canada each year. The intent of the congress is to discuss issues relating to Canadian Olympic sport and the development of Canada’s position in world sport.

Local organizers are responsible for holding the event, although close liaison with the Canadian Olympic Committee is required.

For this event, we handled two roles. The first was to develop all of the promotional materials in both of Canada’s official languages. This also meant design of the logo and commemorative pin. The second was to produce the Olympians’ Brunch. This was an extra special event that year as the President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch was in attendance and the event was used as a platform to honour Canada’s Olympians on their return from the Nagano, Japan Winter Olympics. In regard to promotional materials, close liaison was made with the Canadian Olympic Committee in development of materials content and accuracy of language nuances. In regard to the Brunch organization, duties here included content development, host coaching and scripting, management of all audio visual and the actual show production itself.

The brochure satisfied the needs of the Canadian Olympic Committee and as a result, the delegate numbers were very good. Language is a very sensitive issue to the COC and all goals related to this were achieved. The logo and pin design were also very popular.

The Olympians’ Brunch achieved all of its goals with a very glowing response from the crowd. Compared to the brass band boisterousness of the previous year, it was very spiritual in nature and heartfelt. To compare, in usual circumstances the IOC President Samaranch usually leaves mid-way through such programs, however he was moved enough in this case to remain for the whole thing and made an impromptu speech at the end of the program – something he never does. This gesture alone probably reflects the impact the Brunch had on people.

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