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This event gathered doctors together from across western Canada to participate in forums and discussions regarding the management of prostate cancer. The intent was to have the exchange of information and comparison of the different challenges facing each province with the hope of better understanding of shared challenges and their resolution.

The doctors and in many cases, the families attended proceedings in Kananaskis Alberta. Sessions were conducted by featured speakers in the mornings and extra-curricular activities were scheduled in the afternoon. A banquet was held the final evening. This was a moderately sized group of approximately 75.

Assist the sponsoring company, Astra Zeneca, in holding the event. This meant facility management, on-site registration, conference material securement and development of promotional materials (print and electronic). Astra Zeneca handled the pre-registrations and selection of speakers.

Given the diverse opinion of cancer treatment, the discussions were lively ones amongst the doctors. In regard to the behind the scenes organization, the weekend ran without hitches and according to the evaluations, the delegates were pleased with the results.

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