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This event was staged during the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup week game in Calgary in 2000. It involved operating a Saskatchewan themed cabaret style experience which the general public could attend. The intent was to host a fun site where fans could gather, mingle and have a good time.

The facility was in operation for three days and nights. No fee charged at the door and in keeping with the history of this official Grey Cup event, drink ticket prices had to be reasonable. Entertainment was expected on a nightly basis. It was used as a fundraiser for the football club.

Organize the entire event. A service club (Saskatchewan Social Club of Calgary) was recruited, to assist in providing people power. Key people were recruited to head the various organizational components. These included facility management, food and beverage, media, merchandising, entertainment, security, marketing & sponsorship and financial control. There was also a requirement to liaise with the Canadian Football League and the Roughrider Football club in all planning. Over 200 people were used to operate the function over the course of the three days

Three days of hyper active fun by the crowd. Three long days of management. 19,000 beverages served for a room that held 400 people. No security incidents of note. $20,000 profit. Termed a huge success.

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